Work At Home Opportunity – FAQ

How do I know this isn’t a scam?

Does this sound like a scam to you? CLICK HERE

How can I pay?

You can get started immediately by paying with any Visa or Mastercard. Alternatively, if you don’t have one or you don’t want to join online, you can pay by bank deposit at any bank in Australia (or your online banking if you have it), or, simply post a cheque or money order. CLICK HERE to join our Work At Home Opportunity now.

Who are you?

I told you on the homepage! I’m a Pom who’s now living down under (and loving it). I’m earning stupid amounts of money here, my wife doesn’t work, we have six holidays a year, and we are rich, thanks to me. I can teach you how I do it. CLICK HERE to order – work at home opportunity from The Rich Pom.


How much do you earn?

Have you not seen my video? Live, undeniable of proof of how much it’s possible to earn online? CLICK HERE to see the free video now. This is the best work at home opportunity on the Internet today. Fact.

What will I be doing/selling?

Basically it’s all to do with affiliate marketing – earning commissions on recommending products and services on the Internet – ANZ, Citibank, Google, Teleflora, ebay – all the big guns are doing this type of marketing, it’s just that I know how to make lots of money doing it. It’s a huge industry and Australia is right at the start of an exciting time.

It’s an awesome opportunity, trust me! Don’t worry – there’s no cold calling, Pyramid shit, herbal life or anything like that crap. This is genuine online affiliate marketing. All my websites are fully automated and so will yours be. Just do yourself a favour and get involved now. In fact – don’t. Remember this day, today, when you were thinking about joining, and then in about a year’s time, you’ll be reading some article about all these people on the Internet who did this, got in early, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then you’ll kick yourself. Join now for the offer price and we can get started today. CLICK HERE to order now.

But what exactly is it? Is it legal?

Oh please – give yourself a hard slap. Of course it’s bloody legal. Would Yahoo, NineMSN, 2DAYFM, Ticketek, MyCareer and Mix106.5 allow me to advertise with them if this was illegal? NO! Do you not have a brain? What I do is called ‘affiliate marketing’ – think about this: If you book a Qantas flight with a travel agent, Qantas will pay the travel agent a commission (that’s how the travel agent makes their money). I do the same thing, but on the Internet – as do millions of companies around the world. It’s new in Australia, which is why you should get involved NOW. CLICK HERE to start now and let me explain how you can earn REAL money working from home!

Do I need a website to do this?

Essentially No. You can earn money using my techniques and strategies without having your own website, however, in the documents I send you, it is recommended that you get one. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a website or you don’t know how to set one up, all is clearly explained! When you join my work at home opportunity, you will not be left alone. I am here to support you!

How much time do I need to spend doing this?

It’s entirely down to how rich you want to get. Most people that join this have full time jobs and spend maybe 30 minutes in the evenings, which is perfectly fine. If you can do this, you will be ok. However, if you can put in more effort, then that’s all good – especially as the amount you earn is influenced by your motivation and desire to succeed. Most people who have done well at this seem to have “found” extra time to dedicate, but as I say, you should see results with only half an hour a day.

If I join can I get your support after?

Anyone that chooses to purchase my product will receive lifetime support. Feel free to email me with your query and I promise I will personally reply.

Why are you selling this if you’re rich?

Because I’m in business! I want more money! If I sat down with you for a couple of days and told you exactly how to earn what I do, you’d expect to pay for my time, wouldn’t you? There you go – I earn money from this website, of course I do. More money is good money, that’s why I’m selling this information. Get it here

Can you guarantee I will earn as much as you?

Absolutely not. The reason is you might not read my document properly or you might not follow the instructions I give you. How can I guarantee you will earn what I do if I have no idea who you are or what motivation you have?

What about refunds?

I used to offer full refunds for everyone that purchased my information – it was a ‘no quibble money back guarantee’. Then I found people were just ordering the guide and asking for their money back, regardless of how well they were doing. I had to return their money and I was losing out. It was a daft situation, therefore I had to stop this refund policy, for obvious reasons!

If you earn all this money, can I have your guide for free?

Please, do yourself a favour and give yourself a slap. Do you really think that I would provide all this knowledge and information for free? I don’t care if you can’t afford to lose the money, everyone has to take a risk at some point in their life. If you are one of these sad people that is happy with their tiny income and sees most things like this a scams, then fine! GO AWAY.

Can I have it for free and then pay you when it works?

Do you seriously think I am stupid? If I gave away this document that has been personally written by me for nothing, what does that make it worth? Nothing. Exactly. Giving this away for free completely devalues the product and everything I say. It’s worth a damn site more than the bloody $79 I’m charging, I can tell you that! Just order it here.

I don’t live in Australia , will this still work?

Definitely, 100%. The Internet is a worldwide thing and my techniques will work anywhere in the world. However, the place to earn the most money, is in Australia as they are simply behind the times regarding Internet development.

What computer skills do I need?

You will need to have access to email and have a basic understanding of how to use the Internet. My document has been written so that an Internet novice can understand it. Remember though, I’m personally on hand for all support enquiries after you join. You will not be left alone.

Have I heard about you on the TV?

Probably. There are many success stories out there about people that have bought this. This stuff really works. Order it here.

Are there any other fees involved?

This depends on your situation. I recommend that you have a website, so if you haven’t got one, there’s obviously things like a domain name to pay for. If you don’t know how to design websites, then don’t worry – I recommend some software that is SO easy to use, anyone can design a website, but this needs to be paid for. Things like a domain name and hosting are about $20 odd bucks a month, but don’t stress, you won’t be laying out tens of thousands!

How can I get the document now, for $79, with your support and the free website address?

Easy – click here


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