Free T-Shirt

Here’s two short videos of people that got their hands on $100 cash just for wearing one of my free T-Shirts. At the moment, we’re thinking of getting some more printed, so you can register now to claim your free T-Shirt where you too could win the cash. Just fill out the details on the form below and we’ll pop you an email when we have them in stock!

The T-Shirt is FREE, the postage is FREE, and the cost to you is NOTHING. I have lots of money, I can afford to get these designed, printed and posted out to my little Rich Pom wannabees 🙂

NOTE: There are a limited amount of these free T-Shirts available. Hurry and claim yours now!

Anyway, to claim your free T-Shirt, you must first read the terms and conditions that can be found HERE. At regular intervals over the coming months, I’ll be handing out cash in the street, day and night, to people who are wearing one of my T-Shirts. You will know when this is because I’ll pop you an email to say the dates I’ll be around Sydney and also, where. You will have to answer a question to take the cash.

The question you will be asked if you get spotted:

What three free bonuses do you get when you join The Rich Pom?

Wear the T-Shirt, get spotted and answer this question and I’ll give you $100 cash. Note: You can win the cash as often as you like!

Simply fill out the form below, click Submit and I’ll get your T-Shirt in the post. I’m also asking for email address of five of your friends – I’ll pop them an email to see if they want a free T-Shirt as well, because I’m nice like that. Note: These must be valid emails addresses – we check them and you won’t win the cash if they are incorrect or fake. They must be real. Also, don’t worry about spam or anything like that, they won’t be bombarded with emails and personal information is never shared.

Gender: F M
Mailing Address:
Your email address:
Preferred T-shirt size: S M L XL
Alternative T-shirt size: S M L XL
5 of your friends’email address:
 by claiming my free t-shirt and participating in this promotion, i have read and agreed to the terms and conditions as specified HERE