Make Money Online – REAL Testimonials

eah, yeah, you’ve heard it all before. Make money online using the Internet, Work from Home etc. It’s all a big scam isn’t it, just like this website?


See below – don’t take my word for it. These are real people who have had theballs to buy my product and they have successfully made money online.

I’ve also had these emails below – again, real people:

“Just wanted to pop you a quick email to say thanks. I was totally sceptical when I saw website, but your document is actually very good. I especially like the way you tell it like it is – simple instructions on what to do. I’ve earned $4700 already – not a bad return on $79. Cheers!”

James, Perth

“Ok, it works – it really works. Well done. No need to brag so much about it though!”

Diana, Darwin

“My wife told me I’d been stupid to spend eighty bucks on some Internet ‘get rich quick program’. I told her it was a long-term thing, but even I was surprised when we had earned our rent money in the first month alone. I’m now into my third month and I have quit my job. In a word – thanks”

Shane, Gold Coast

“Your chapter on helping affiliates is so clear and so well explained. I hadn’t even heard of an “affiliate” before I came across your website, but I just like the way it’s all explained. Very clearly written, essential for a PC newbie like me!”

Sandra, Sydney

“You really do know your stuff! I was very, very cautious about joining, but your sales wording convinced me to give it a go, and believe me, I am so happy I did! This stuff really, really works, and I can’t believe it hasn’t caught on yet!”

Judy, Adelaide

“Thanks RichPom! You’re completely arrogant as I would expect coming from England , but you’ve certainly done me a favour. Your guide is very clever and I am now actually earning more money from home that I have ever made in a full time job in my life. Thanks again. (You’re still a Pom though!)

Steve, Sydney

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